Anyone from the hangman series...

Just wondering if anyone from the hangman exam came back here and if so how it all went.


  • I did the VB version of the exam, our entire class (all 4) dropped about 27 marks on the final bit with the read from document and random number which we found a bummer to do :(
  • This is my first post on the forum because I was so angered by the exam. But anyway...

    ...Similar sentiments echoed here. Our whole class(10 of us), failed to make any headway into the final question. Most of us spent an hour using the delphi help files, without success! We can only hope, that the grade boundaries are lowered!? Also would be nice to hear if anybody actually managed question 8!??

    The question using the bear and the eagle was a nice one though ;).
  • O yeh, i liked that question :D

    What word did you use for the wrong word :P?

    I thought u would be original and used "computing" as the word :D
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