Karaoke & Other media player Help!

Karaoke Type of Program
Video are uploaded to directory using a program interface with file format of (example)
where N = Numeric Value in our case that is 4 digit

small progress bar for playtime of selected media

Score system like a real karaoke player

Unlimited Queing of selected media first 12 selected song number displaed on the screen

Customizable screen saver on idle mode

Full Screen with no window

Can set the value on how many times you need to press the Space Bar before the input window shows

Security features which will avoid the usage of program on other harddisk so there will be a security code for every hard disk it will be installed - a separate program will be generated to create the activation code

Optional Features - Capable of running on Standalone Computer of Server Based with multiple client

Space Bar = input requested number
S = Toggle Left, right or both speaker
C = Cancel current Selection
E = End Program
A = Add Media File
D = Delete Media File
0 - 9 = For Selecting media file
Enter to accept selected number

It will be better if you can emulate the function of karaoke player.

BInary and Source Code


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