Publishing C# .Net Applications - HELP!

I've just completed my Online Career Degree program for C# and .NET
I understand everything about the code, syntax, and IDE. However, the reading material for this degree program never covered Publishing.

I really need a detailed "walk-though" of how I can publish/build my application so that I may distribute them as stand alone programs that can run on someone else computer. I'm currently using Microsoft VS 2005 - Academic Edition and I'm also wondering if maybe I need to purchase the Pro. Edition to be able to make executable applications.

Please help or point me to a helpful website that can answer my questions!

Thanks in advance,



  • So in your Development Environment - when you hit the little "play" button - you are actually "building" your application. This will build your application in what is called "debug" mode, run the resulting executable, and then will attach the debugger to the running process in order to catch break points and errors.

    Somewhere near the play button you will find a drop down that will allow you to switch from "debug" to "release". If you go to the menu named "Build" there is an option to build your application. Selecting this option will build all of your assemblies and pull in any necessary dlls into a folder in your project named either "obj/Release" or "obj/Debug" depending on what build mode you have selected.

    This is actually your fully executable program inside that folder -
    Now what you want to do is build an installer (I think you will have a template project for that) and then deploy your installer to your customers in whatever deploy method you choose.
  • Psightoplasm,

    Thanks a lot for your help!
  • Psightoplasm,

    Thanks a lot for your help!
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