RPG team looking for a few good programmers

Project name: Aion [Working Title still in Progress]

Brief description:
Aion is a 3d role playing game designed in 3dgs (3D Game Studio). The idea is the user will select one of the pre-generated characters and be thrust into a world that is built a new every time a new game is started. The player character will have a primary ambition or goal that he/she would want to do before they retire or die, as well as quarks and fears that will lend credibility to the reality of the character. Dynamic Cut Scenes will be used to draw the player into the characters life, and to create a connection with the player as well as fill in back story. The world itself will be a living breathing entity, with free non-linear exploration. Each city will have its own problems to solve, and different ways of how to solve them depending on how the player wishes to. Characters will age in the game as well to show the passing of time, and be able to build relationships with the NPC's and any party members they shall join up with them along the way. How you treat people will effect greatly on the story and game play.A realistic approach to Law and Chaos will be interacted, where players choices will effect how they are seen, not a pre-determined alignment.

Target aim:
Freeware - may change in the future

If the team decides to try to sell the game, then a royalty based system would be enacted, but as of now none.

Talent needed:
I do have a small team in place, but would not turn down help in any areas...What I am looking for the most

Toolset - VB programmers
Engine - C C+ Programmers to develop Dll Plugins

Team Structure

Graphic Artist
Character Artist - Desire Jonhson
Character Artist - Jean
Menu Artist - Tenell Garden
Digital Painter - Brenton Mann

3d Artist
Character Models - Sean Polhemus
Weapons Modeler - Felix Gs
Building Models - Eric D. Rohler
Building Models - John Storrow
Nature Models - Scholtes, Nick
Prop Models - Chris G
Monster Modeler - De Vasco

Lead Author - Angie Berg
Character Story's - Angellica Leutz
Character Story's - Jeff Moss

Lead Programmer - John C Leutz II
LiteC Progrmmer - Timar
VB Toolset - Kris Armstrong

Music - Eden C Johnson

Still needs to be designed

[email protected]

Always Welcomed as long as its constructive not destructive.


  • We still have a few spots open for a c c+ programmer...thanks to all those who contacted me
  • new to the board, but yea I'm interested but this would be very challenging for me.

    I just completed a C++ course where we were required to program an Asteroid game from scratch. Its not much but I did develop an engine with just C++ that worked very well with good physics. I don't wanna get paid, this is just for fun.

    I've also been looking into DirectX programming, would say have very good grasp of calculus, very good at algorithm efficiency... I don't know, what do you really need? I would like to hear more!

    Ohh yea, this game kinda interests me because it sounds like Diablo! ahhah

    So this is what I'm interested in I suppose "Engine - C C+ Programmers to develop Dll Plugins"

    what Dll Plugins do you need developed? Im going to go out on a limb and think you would want me to program the various classes for the game? such as monster, hero, item, npc and such? This is exciting =D...

    Please respond, Matt.

  • I would be interested in talking this over with you some more what is the best way to get a hold of you?
  • Still could use a programmer or two

    for a demo of what I am looking at

    contact [email protected]
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