Help needed for certain C++ commands

I have to make a project of supermarket billing system.

I have made a file containing the [u]details of Some of the privelaged clients.[/u] It contains [u]their sr no.,name, ph no and membership[/u]. Now I need to access this file [size=4]everytime I make a new bill[/size] and the [size=4]customer name should be matched, in case it is found the membership should be returned.[/size] How do I do it?


  • [color=Blue]The solution depends on file format you have. Read the file according to its format and find your client(s). And how the file getting created? What happens if you have a new client? Do you edit the file manually (say, by NOTEPAD) or you have GUI to do that task?[/color]
  • hello!hello everyone!this is my first time come to a foreign forum ,
    I am a Chinese!
    please give me your advice !thank you for your help!

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