Control Robocopy via Dot.Net

Here at work we are looking at different applications to sync data from remote servers to a local server, but each application we try results in some sort of problem which makes the apps useless to us. I thus would like to program Robocopy to do the data sync, but before I start from scratch, I'd like to ask if anyone knows of an existing VB.Net app which runs Robocopy to do the same thing.

Here are my expectations:

* The code needs to run even when the server is not logged on (as a service or scheduled task).
* I need to have a log file created for each run of Robocopy saved using the following naming convention "yyyymmdd_"
* I need to keep "X" number of log files
* I need to prune "X" day/month old log files (to save disk space)
* My app needs to run at specific intervals
* My app needs to email me either when the copy completes successfully or not (user-selectable)
* My app should parse the current log file for errors only and display them to the user saving the user the time required to search for the errors.
* My app needs to also record filesystem ACLs.

Does anyone know of existing code which does something similar to this? If not then I will have to develop my own code from scratch. Thanks for your help.


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