Graphics and Images in 32bit platforms problem

Well, my problem is the next one.

My pc doesn


  • Through DOS? Resolutions that high have terrible refresh rates. I used to play with high res graphics alot in Pascal and never figures out how to adjust refresh rates, but if you are determined, then you will want to use VESA modes.

    For 800x600x32bit, you need to set mode 012Eh or $12E or 0x12E, however you prefer to write hex.

    Anyways, to set the VESA mode:
    Mov Ax, $4F02
    Mov Bx, $12E
    Int $10

    Check here for more info:
  • My platform is Windows XP. I found a solution to compile programs with 640X480X16bit but I have to have an extern program that emulate DOS, and from that program execute my program.

    Is there a way to work with pascal with its graphics libraries and insert images in windows XP-platform?

    If there isn't, I aprecciate your help anyway...
    Thanks you people...

    (I'm learning english so something of I put could be wrong translated xD sorry)
  • If you use FP, you could download a bunch of stuff from here:
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