How to detect presence of network/network card in Win?

Hi, I know that question might have been asked...

But you know it is hard to find stuff :)

Perhaps anyone can help me on how to

detect whether network is present and functioning.

Is there any easy way to do it, like through

the registry? Is it unique for 98/NT/2000 ?

I would REALLY appreciate any help, folks!

I am in the dead end :)


  • If your board is Plug and play, please your card lan in PCI 1, then you can detect your card from add new hardware, after that please you entry TCP/IP data, or NetBUI if your network will be used file transfer or not connecting to internet.

  • Thanx for your help, and for donating time :)

    But , I am afradi, you misunderstood me...

    I need to do exactly that from coding point of

    view :) i.e. how to make a program that

    detects the presence of network card, whether

    it doesn't have IRQ conflicts and so on...

    Any ideas, anyone?


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