Pascal language users


I am a big fan of Pascal programming language and I wonder how many similar souls are there?

I see everybody is using C or some other fancy new language. This especially applies to embedded systems. I like Pascal because it is easy to write and easy to read. There are Pascal compilers also for popular microcontroller families like AVR, 8051 (my favorite) and ARM. Anybody using Pascal compiler for microcontrollers?
[link=]Download Turbo51[/link] - my favorite 8051 compiler


  • i am also a pascal fan. I like it very much for many and many reasons but it is a little obsolete. Pascal can't make programs with normal window, it has only the ugly black console window and the graf. In internet are very much modes to make pascal with objects but i dont undrstand them although i know pascal very very well in all details (only with graph i have a few difficulties).
  • :
    : Pascal can't make programs with normal window

    Neither can C or C++, you have to use Visual C or Visual C++.

    Delphi is Visual Pascal. Apparently Borland could not call it Visual Pascal due to trademark restrictions.

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