Input validation

Please tell me how to validate the input as numerical only. I need to use a loop to validate the input.

Thanks in advance!


  • What do you mean by " you need to use a loop"? If the validation is for a single digit ( 0 to 9) input then the isdigit() will work for you. If the validation is for a two or higher digit number then the approach is quite different. Could you confirm what exactly you need.

    But then I am just a toddler in C / C++.
  • I am a toddler too and this is my task in the course-to use a loop. Like while(condition) -true-false.
  • [color=Blue]Numerical definition may be quite complex:


    If you need to validate all of these cases - you need some work to do. However, for simple integer validation you need two things:

    1. Check for +- sign at the first character and if sign is found then skip that character.
    2. Check every next character as being a digit and if so, then you got a correct integer value.
    3. If you meet character with value == 0, then stop checking
  • C Primer Plus book gives an option to check if the input is an integer or not through the return value of scanf. If the return value is != 1 than the input is not an integer. But I can't make the while loop that works. Any ideas for how the code should look like?
  • [color=Blue]If you want to use the scanf return value then loop to enter few values will looke like this:[/color]
    int flag=1, value;

    while (flag == 1)
    printf ("
    ENTER VALUE: ");

    [color=Green]// scan value into integer[/color]
    flag = scanf ("%d", &value);

    [color=Green]// use value if it is an integer[/color]
    if (flag == 1)
    [color=Green]// use it here ...[/color]
  • Thanks for the idea. I saw other examples with the same structure working just fine. But for my program I need the user to re-enter the value if it's incorrect. So I need to use !=1. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. The loop stops at printf"Please re-enter" and never ends.
  • [color=Blue]Please, post your code.[/color]
  • int main(void)
    //declare variables
    int number, status;
    int i = 1;

    //ask the user for the desired number and validate the input. Only numeric input allowed.
    printf("Please enter a number:");
    status = scanf("%d", &number);
    while(status != 1)
    printf("The input is not numeric. Please try again:");
    status = scanf("%d", &number);

    //print the amount of asterisks
    for(i=1; i<= number; i++)

    }while(number >= 1);

    //end of the program

    What is really interesting for me is not how to fix the code(I already got an answer)but why the loop is not working. Thanks.
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