networking and audio processing in c#

how to convert an analog audio signal to digital data packets by implementing on a personal computer using visual c#? i was trying to implementing a COMPUTER-BASED PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM. it consisted of two (2) PC's which serves as SENDER (with microphone) and RECEIVER (with speaker) and interconnected through the local area network (LAN). can anyone help me please...


  • What are you using to get the audio data?
  • We are trying to develop a software application in a PC (the Sender) to capture analog audio voice through the microphone and convert it to digital data bits. These data bits are encapsulated to become a packet to be transmittable within the local area network (LAN). The Receiver PC will de-encaptulate the digital data bits and recreate the analog audio voice. We are to implement these software applications using Visual C#. The problem here is on how to access these digital data bits in order that we can packetize them...
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