need help with editing dos batch file

hello there i dont know whwther this the right section to post but i found this more appropriate then others i want to edit the install path of a dos batch file and i dont know the commands i tried to change it but somehow the changes delete data from my drive the actual commands are which i can acess by right clicking on the icon and selecting edit
set CDIR=%CD%Install Files
set ID=%USERPROFILE%GamesUnreal Tournament 2004
i want to change it to d:games how should i do that and also there is a command line with echo * Game Path: %ID%
kindly help as u guys are quite learned


  • You asked so nicely.

    So, you want to change "%USERPROFILE%Games" to "d:games" in a batch file. Say, this batch file is at C:/install/install.bat.

    [code]# Script Games.txt
    var str contents
    cat "C:/install/install.bat" > $contents
    while ( { sen "^"%USERPROFILE%\Games^" $contents } > 0 )
    sal "^"%USERPROFILE%\Games^" "d:\games" $contents > null
    echo $contents > "C:/install/install.bat"[/code]

    Script is in biterscripting ( ). Save the script in file C:/Scripts/Games.txt, start biterscripting, enter the following command,

    [code]script "C:/Scripts/Games.txt"[/code]

    That will change "%USERPROFILE%Games", in every place it occurs in that batch file, to "d:games".

    Change the "C:/install/install.bat" in the script to the correct path of the batch file before trying. Enclose the path in double quotes.


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