Graphic problem in European versions of Windows (?)

I have an application with a 2D graphic editor - just drawing lines and arcs. It works OK in English version of Windows, but I got complains that the graphics is not visible in European versions of Windows. I wonder what is the problem and how to fix this. I use SetMapMode function to set MM_HIMETRIC mode to draw lines and arcs. I wonder if this works the same in all versoins of Windows.
Thanks for your help.


  • [color=Blue]You need to debug this on a European system. Get some older spare PC and install both EU Windows and your program there, then begin debugging.

    Or you can check and trace every return code from every function in your WM_PAINT handling case, maybe some function (like LineTo or Ellipse) will return FALSE, meaning that it did not draw properly. Add all tracing code and send this new program to complaining client and have them run it and ask the client to send back the trace file, then check the trace file for messages.[/color]
  • Thanks for your quick reply,
    I know now where the problem is - in the SetMapMode function. I have another graphic application where I use only (default) MM_TEXT mode (I do not call SetMapMode at all) and this works on European Windows OK. I use Borland compiler and I am not sure if this doesn't cause the problem.
    Thanks for your help,
  • [color=Blue]I see... I never use SetMapMode - I do all world transformations in my code if needed. I have seen some problems caused by non-English Windows (Korean in my case), but these issues were in .NET Framework. If this is for work - you could try calling Microsoft for support, but this call may be awfully expensive.

    Also, MSDN specifies that this function is supported starting from Win2K, so if you are running on Win9x or Millenium - this may cause the issue.[/color]
  • I read somewhere (I can't find the reference now) that european version of Windows set the orientation of x axis after MM_HIMETRIC, MM_LOMETRIC etc, (except the default MM_TEXT) opposite way than English versions (or american version). That would mean that all drawings is drawn in the space and not on the screen.
    If I could find what version of Windows the user is running that would help me, unfortunatelly I do not have other than english version to test my code.
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