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I found this website that offers a list of the top 100 legit companies that let you work from home. I got the list, they have everything there, all you have to do is click on the links and it takes you to the companies website. I applied for a lot of the jobs on the list and got a lot of offers. I accepted one of them and started working about 2 weeks ago and got my first direct deposit pay yesterday. They were legit, none of the companies ever asked me for any money.

I was not sure about this at first but figured I would give it a try and I am glad I did. I have been looking for something to do from home for a long time and finally I found a great job.

I just wanted to pass this along, because i know alot of people are having a hard time finding legit work from home jobs. Good luck to everyone.

Here is the website:


  • We are all aware of the home business boom, but many of us ask ourselves what is all the hype about?! The thought of corporation downsizing, merging and relocating truly makes the idea a lot more digestible for many. Especially since most of the population have no job guarantees. Your job could be gone tomorrow in fact and your family might be in jeopardy as well as your whole financial future. There is no doubt that we all need to be more concerned about our future, but is home business ownership right for you?

    Being your own boss, working around your family and being in charge of your own hours, income and holidays is an attractive idea. Also the most appealing aspect for many is the Lifestyle qualities we gain by running a successful home business! However, I have learned that not everyone should run his or her own business. How come many people running businesses are not successful, happy or fulfilled while others absolutely love it? The fact is that it all comes down to proper planning and having realistic expectations! Most people drop out within their first 2 years in business, because they simply expect the impossible to happen overnight. Did you know that most humans over-estimate what they can achieve in the short term (1-2 years) and under-estimate what they can achieve in the long term 5+ years? Any proper business model does take time to build, as we have to learn new tasks and acquire a new mindset of being self-employed rather than showing up for a boss and getting paid. Often enough when we grow as a business person, our business grows with us.

    I have found a great site with lots of useful information for programmers & developers of all kinds. I have joined the community and would like to invite you to join as well.

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