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I am engineering student, currently working in image processing.
I have big issue in understanding few basic concepts in programming. To be frank I am beginner, so my question will look silly, so please tolerate with me and if anyone can help me it would be much use full for me.

I started learning image Process using Matlab. it very easy using the Matlab function for ie : it need only one single line to open image. But my problem is I want to create the same algorithm in C or C++.
But if I want to create the same algorithm for mobile application I need to convert in to c or c++.But in c/c++ it will take 10 to 15 line for a single image open process.

So I am confused here can we use open CV and create the same mobile application? Or what is the use of open CV. And even I saw there are many different libraries for image processing, so I am confused in which way to go , what is the difference in all this libraries available out there and how to choose the right way for my need.
The below site give few sample http://www.xdp.it/cximage.htm
So please let me know, what is the difference between writing a program in C/C++, or using Open CV in C/C++ . Can we use both codes for creating application?

Thank You


  • >what is the difference between writing a program in C/C++, or using Open CV in C/C++ . Can we use both codes for creating application?

    C/C++ is a programming language, OpenCV is a library for processing images. Whats the difference? In C/C++ alone you don't have OpenCV for processing images, you add one library and you get the features of that particular library.
    I don't know for what mobile platforms(if any) is ported OpenCV. You should check or ask on the opencv mailing list. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OpenCV/

    What do you need to do with the image? Do you really need OpenCV? (Calculating histograms on the image, Detecting faces, etc etc) What mobile platform are you using?
    If you only need to open an image OpenCv is not the way to go.

    The CxImage class is an example of library for manipulating image formats in C++, and that's what you need I think.
    SDL_Image, DevIL, etc there are plenty of them.

    (sorry my bad english)
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  • Hi

    Thank You for the reply, yes i just want to open the image in c++ and do some edge detection and some more operation,and create that as a mobile application.

    Why? i am looking for open CV ? Bcos it has many small functions like matlab. In c/c++ u will write 10 lines to open a image. but in matlab u will use only one function.

    But we cant use matlab for mobile right ? thats y i am looking for alternative.

    Right now i am using windows mobile as a trail.

    So i am little bit confused with all this libraries available out there which one to choose and what is the difference between each .
  • Hehe ok, if you need edge detection and stuff like that then you need OpenCV or alike, like the one you wrote about CxImage. The problem is that both libraries does not provide an official build for mobile platforms.
    I don't know about Matlab, I'm going to use it next year in the Uni and only for pure maths.
    I'm no expert here, but I think you have some options:

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