Problems with I.E.


I am a very new developer who is experiencing a few issues with internet exployer.

The site looks great in Safari, Chrome and Firefox however in I.E. the footer does not fit correctly and the java menu buttons do not format correctly either.

I would be grateful if anyone could offer advise on how to fix the problems in I.E.



  • Hi Clarinda,
    I feel that you may be able to fix your problem by changing the CSS. Try it once and let me know the result.
  • Could you solve your problem with I.E that you spoke about??
  • I always have issues with IE - of course I just tweak the code until it looks good in IE and not so good in everything else ( my users only use IE see ) - can't stand IE myself though - I wish they'd rewrite their rendering.

    Anyway what I'm getting at is I'd like to cross platform my software so if anyone comes up with an answer for you I'm making sure I get it by e-mail by replying

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