design not program HELP DIRECT ME

is there software or anything that lets me just put my artistic nature into a game ? im looking for somthing that i can use to create/ redesign simple levels and skins or complete sprites, and (?) if possible to use anothers game engine to perform game play ? ive seen Macmillian's "Game Programming starter kit 4.0" but thats not quite what im wanting i dont want to create a new game; just play around with other games.

---------can anyone help me?


  • Ok, you can look at 1 of 2 options for your problem:

    1.) MODS - Most games such as Quake2 / 3 support modifications. This allows you to do some simple programming which allows you to alter the constants and variables which make up the gamming enviroment. To do this takes some time. Examples of the more famous modifications inclue Counter Strike for Half-Life ( This leaves a lot of room for tweaking and game design.

    2.) Level design - Most games support some form of level design. Now don't get cocky when you think about level design, it is a very hard art to master. Some of the best such as American McGee etc have spent thousands of hours perfecting this art. You can make custom textures, models etc... to make ur level unreal. Things such as lighting, weapon positioning are vital in the ballance of the game.

    It should be obvious to you that the information I have given you here is bias toward the first person shooter. But in my opinion it is an area dominated by companies which require expansion uppon their products to allow its'interest to stay there. This encourages these companies to produce flexable gamming engines for ppl like you and I to make our own versions of the game.

    I hope this helps you!



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