Perl array/loop question!


There is probably an easy solution to this but I can't figure it out. I am looking to:

- take a CSV file into an array and...
- loop through the array and split fields into variables
[b]- if the array field is empty then set the variable to "N/A"[/b]

[italic][b]Note: it is only the setting the $variable to "N/A" that I can not get[/b][/italic]


foreach $var (@list) {

($name,$date,$size, etc...)=split(/,"/,$var);


How would I set $date to "N/A" if the field in the array is empty??

so to produce:

$name = Jim
$date = N/A
$size = small

I Hope this makes sense to someone and I hope there is an easy fix!



  • Maybe u r looking for someithing like that:

    A quick way to set a variable to a default value if it evaluates to false is to use the ||= operator.

    $color ||= 'black';

    Will set $color to black if it is empty, undefined or contains zero. Otherwise it will retain its original value.

  • This post has been deleted.
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