New to Programming

G'day readers,
I am a high school student who knows nothing at all about programming. I would like to get started though. Can anyone please help me learn just the basics, or give me some place to go to learn them? Any help would be great!


  • if u have decided to learn Java then choose any good book. And try your hands on programming according the chapter ur reading. if u have any problem with any part of code. then search them in google with exact key words.

    I will not recommend any web site coz its not a good practice. After learning basics u can go to web.

    All the best!!

  • If you can tell us the name of programming book so please. And i think that would be really useful for us instead we learn online.
  • Java The Complete Reference is the book I used to read when i was a student. Its good for Core Java. After that you can choose if u have to go for web programming(J2EE) or for mobile programming (J2ME). Also If need any further information you can keep posting here.
  • Thanks! I needed that question answered as well
  • I agree with Pmaigks.
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