Duplicate TobPage in TabControl Visual Studio 2010 vb.Net

How do I Add new tabpages that are the same layout as tabpage1, basicly copy and paste of the root layout with all menu controls, table layout panels, ect.

Any help would be good been searching with no luck.

Thank You



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  • This post has been deleted.
  • Hi,

    The best way would probably be , using UserControls.
    This way you create a Gui which you can implement anywhere you like.

    Now for adding the UserControl to the desired tabpage(s).
    Implement the code into the load. Example:

    sub Form_load

    Tabpage1.controls.add([b]new [/b]UserControlName)
    Tabpage2.controls.add([b]new [/b]UserControlName)

    End sub


    Make sure to write [b]new[/b] else you will be having issues with identity of names etc.

    Greetz Fortnum
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