VB.NET... Need help with assignment..

Hey guys can any of u help me out with my VB assignment, i'm kinda clueless and this thing is due tomorrow. i just need to answer 1 through 5.. Thanks in advance.

Employees are paid an hourly wage at an assigned rate. They are paid 1.5 times that rate for time additional worked over 40 hours during a workweek. Taxes are deducted from their gross pay according to their tax rate. Employees are paid net pay each week.

Develop specs for a program that calculates weekly pay for each employee, and prints a statement that includes name, time worked, pay rate, gross, and net pay.

1. Define a list of variable data for the program.
2. List the steps (algorithm) to manually create the pay statement.
3. Use some made-up test data for step 2 to manually derive a result.
4. Draw a flow chart, based on the algorithm, for the program.
5. Write a list of Pseudo code statement for step 4.


  • [b]I also need helps in doing an assignment.
    I fear that I can't do it.
    Please help me.

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