Putting together a small dev team


im a very experianced Visual Basic programmer i have started one game project on my own and as im only a programmer i struggled when it came to the graphics. so here i am looking for a development team.
who and what im looking for :

[u]Lead artist[/u]

# must have a good knowlege of G.I.M.P and simmilar applications.

# must have a example of there quality of work

# be able to discuss as a team and be able to help other artists in the team

[u]Game Designer[u]

# must be able to contribute alot of time

# must have a example of there quality of work


[u]Level designer[u]

# must have a creative mind

# must have good understanding of all if not most game genres


[u]Sound enginer[u]

# must be creative

# must have example of there work


[u]Seccondary Programmer[u]

# must have a good knowlege of Visual Basic

# must be able to learn on the job

# must be able to contribute alot of time

*** if you dont have a good knowleage but would like to try, and also learn more whilst doing this project contact me


Thankyou very much for your time and if you have any questions just comment or contact me :)


  • Good day well I'm certainly interested in the secondary programmer option. Even level design and game design.

    The only problem is my knowledge of visual basic, although I have done a couple of low level projects (MOST OF WHICH WHERE EXTREME MACRO'S IN EXCEL). OTherwise I'm a fair programmer in Delphi.

    My creative side is overactive, and you will ask me for an idea and I might reply with 50 :)

    I would like to be part of the team.

    Let me know
    Darkwing Duck aka DWduck signing off :)
  • :) hey well you could fill both of them possitions if you are realy up for it :P.in my eye's there is no such this as an overactive imagination when it comes to game design, the more ideas the better :) and with the programming i realy dont mind helping you when your stuck after all we are TEAM.

    i will PM you as i need an e-mail adress.
    well thank you for the reply :)
  • I would love to do this, but I can't get a hold of $100 for XNA
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