Adapt the dollar exchange rate to a linear model

In this program I upload the file "dollarkurs09_10", which is a one column text file containing the dollar exchange rate. The code which I've written is:

clear all, close all

load dollarkurs09_10.txt
y = dollarkurs09_10(:,1);
x = 1: length(y);


%Now I want to adapt a linear model f(x) = c1+c2*x to the exchange rate.
A = [ones(size(x)) x];
c = Ay; [color=Red]%This is where it goes wrong[/color]
f = @(x) c(1)+c(2)*x;
tt = linspace(x(1),x(end));

Can't figure out what i did wrong here. Anyone willing to give me a helping hand?


  • You are trying to divide a 1x20 vector to a 1x10 vector.

    Probably you are wrong in the contruction of the matrix A.
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