Partially succeeded build definition

Hi All,

Visual Studio 2010

We have created a Coded UI Test in which we have recorded the login process.

We were working on creating a New Build definition, however we are able to create a partially succeeded build definition.

The changes have been done to have the service run as interactive as well as have installed the test SKU (Team Test 2010) on the TFS machine.

But still a partially succeeded build definition is created.

Below are the Steps to reproduce the error :

1) Open Visual Studio IDE.

2) Under Builds in Team Explorer pane, right click a New Build Definition and select View Builds.

3) Right click the latest partially succeeded build under Completed tab and click "Open". You will see the Summary of the partially succeeded build.

4) Click on "View Test Results" under Summary heading. You will see the list of errors in Test Results tab.

5) Select one of the errors and right click and select "View Test Results Details" option. You will see the following error "Failed to initialize the unit test extension 'urn:CodedUITest': A unit test extension is not registered for the following attribute: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.CodedUITestAttribute."

Please provide solution for the above problem ASAP.



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