Scheduling A Function To Be Called Every N Milliseconds?

I'd like to call a particular C++ function regularly every N milliseconds while the program is running (perhaps up to a limit of K iterations). For instance the function scheduledCall() would be called every 1000 milliseconds, until it had been called 500 times. How would I do this?


  • If you don't mind a rough timer, you might try something like

    int scheduledCall(void) {

    static int count = 0;

    /* function task(s) */

    return (count++);

    int main(void) {

    time_t t1, t2;
    long nsecs = 1; // ~ 1000 ms

    while(scheduledCall() < 500) {
    t1 = time(NULL);
    do { t2 = time(NULL); } while((t1 + nsecs) > t2);

    return 0;

    You could also keep a local counter instead of scheduledCall returning a value.


  • This post has been deleted.
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