"Decompliling" C++ Code? Possible To Get Into An Exe File

hello guys, i am fairly new here only have posted a couple of times, i am a asp.net developer(am only 20) so still new the the game. but i am wondering is there any way to "decomplie" or take apart an .exe file, its a console file. i am trying to get inside the code to edit some of the functions of it.

i have googled it and nothing comes up.

the program runs on my programs non stop and listens to the ip address that i assign to it, and it also listens to my database on my web server to change settings for a game i run. its a web control panel in essence. i am just trying to figure this out, if i can open it up at all and change some settings, that would be great

Thank you guys and help is appreciated


  • [color=Blue]You need a good debugger for this. IDA PRO comes to mind, but it cost money. Try to get a trial version - it may work for 30 days or so. Best free debuffer for Win32 is OLLYDBG. Google for it and get version 1.1 - version 2.0 is there too, but it is too fresh.

    Just load EXE into debugger and step through code. Of course, you need to know a little assembler for it.[/color]
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