C++ Strings, instream, delete duplicates

Ok i need help i can't figure out how to instream into a string or the algorithm.

[b]Write a C++ Program that uses:[/b]

Passing Strings to functions
Files Input and output.

[b]Project Requirements:[/b]

Write a function called removeRepeats that, given a string, removes any repeated letters and returns a new string.
Write a main method that reads words (strings) from a file and writes the new strings (no repeated letters) to another file.
Several options are left for the programmer to determine:
Use of either c-string(char arrays) or the class strings .
Use of a container (array or vector) to store the strings. You can either store the strings in an array or vector - or just read and write without storage.
As you can see, many of the implementation details are left up to the programmer. At this point in the course you should be able to make design decisions based on good programming practices.

Sample input is a file that will be entered by a user and contains words. Note case should not matter but should be able to compare and delete. my example is


it should then out put like the following

Gy or gy


  • I won't really get into functions or files, but to remove the dups, you might try fiddling around with something like


    int main() {

    std::string strs[] = { "Google", "Yahoo", "Lie", "Ggy" };

    for(int i=0; i < 4; ++i) {
    strs[i].erase(std::unique(strs[i].begin(), strs[i].end()), strs[i].end());
    std::cout << strs[i] << std::endl;

    return 0;
  • No your code is flawed the problem is to read in words from a file and then remove duplicate letters that are next to each out and then write that to another file
  • Flawed? It's not my assignment; bridge the gap between the snippit and what you need to do, which would seem to be handling files, functions, mixed case, and such. :)

    If you're having trouble, post your attempt(s).
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