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Dear All,

I am going to outsource the development of social network site and I have found the Ukrainian company working on this field -

They have great experience in social networks development using Java, .Net, Ruby, PHP, Elgg, PHPFox. Here is the description of social networks they developed-

Have you ever outsourced your activities to Ukraine?
And I would be really thankful to hear your feedbacks from those who might have had a chance to work with this company.


Robert Larson


  • Have heard a lot of good things about Russian programmers. The same about any former USSR country programmers. As an alternative I would suggest you to take a look at a ready made script. Such as Jive or Chameleon. Jive might not be of interest for you as it is too expensive (the price may be up to 200k dollars) but Chameleon is not so expensive (will cost you about 700 dollars with a custom design). I would give it a try before outsourcing. It is easier to create something on an existing base than create something from scratch. Chameleon site, if you're interested -

    Good luck!
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