Where should I start? Have no experience


I am fairly intelligent with computers and I've been using computer for a long time. However, I lack in programming skill. In fact, I have zero programming experience(except for my Ti-85 programming). So where should I start? I've been asking some people and these are some people's suggestions:

1. Start with Pascal, then move onto C, then move to C++.

2. Start with Visual Basic, then move to Visual C++

What do you think? I think second route would be easier and faster, but time is not my concern. I don't care how fast I learn. My first priority is to build a solid fundamental in programming. I think, by starting with VB, I would skip whole bunch of steps because it is mainly made for easier and faster programming.

Please help me out. Thanx


  • Hi,

    Ive started programming with Pascal,because its VERY easy to learn and you could go into deeper in Real-MODE programming when you have the syntax.After I learned Pascal I continued with Assembler to programm low-level-hardwareaccess and improve performance.I combined this with Pascal.
    One year ago I learned C++,first the syntax under DOS,later I worked into API-programming for Win9x.
    I think Basic or VB arent good if you want to get a good programmer,because they produce slow programs,have problems with some Windows-Dlls and havent the possibilty for low-level-coding.
    First get the Syntax of the language you want to learn and then start to program something.To learn the basics of an language the best way is to code for dos.

  • I personally started out with a trs-80. and went directly into c++. But if i were you i would learn pascal first then go into c++. You pick up some c along the way.
    I would definitely stay away from visual basic it teaches you bad programming habits. Start out with dos programming than work your way up.
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