winamp style/non-client window area

I was wondering if anyone knew how to create a window that has the same style that Winamp does in C++. With winamp, it doesn't have the normal frame, border, system menu, minimize, maximize, and restore buttons. I would like to learn how to make a window that does this. Is it a window? Maybe it's some kind of dialog box or something. If anyone knows how, please tell me how it might have been made or how I can make a program that contains something like it, but without supporting skins. I think it might have something to do with painting the non-client area of the window. It has worked for a while, but when I resize, or click on some parts of the window, it exposes the normal window look. I was using CWindowDC.



  • This is what I have noticed:
    You can paint your custom borders (yeah, you've done right). The problem is if you set a sizable border: when the mouse hovers the border, some parts of the frame are repainted. I can only think some method of avoiding this:
    - Fake your WM_NCHITTEST. Do all you need to do, and don't fall to DefWindowProc.
    - Fake your WM_NCMOUSEMOVE. Same as above, but more difficult.
    If you don't need a sizable window, simply remove the style and everything should work with no triks.

    Hope this helps.

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