How should I write this Project....(QB)

Design a menu-driven program to balance your checkbook. The meau options should be designed to do data entry of withdrawals, deposits or checks written, and also a report of all transactions in the master file(Sequential access dada file). The master file must contain the transactions where each transaction (record) will consist of the type of transaction (Check, withdrawal, deposit),date, the payee or description of transaction, amount, and new balance. Use array to temporarily store the data as the transaction(s) is /are processed depending on the type of transaction.

The transaction master file must be created from the meau indicated to the user as creating a new account. Therefore user have the options of creating new accounts or opening up an existing file for transactions.(If opening up an existing file, then the user must be prompted for a filename.)



  • Dude, do yourself a favor and download quickbooks. You'll be driven to madness if you try to make a project like that in QB alone. Yes, it has the power and ability to do so, but you'd be better off getting something that's already made. If it's for a class, I guess you're stuck for now. Just start brainstorming. You'll be surprised what code pops into your head in a pinch.

    I've got a plan, but I'm going to need a dead monkey, some empty liquor bottles, and a vacuum cleaner.

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