Mouse problems...

How would you write a mouse driver?

Do you know where I could find any tutorials, books, or source code?

I only found one thing relavant to my question, and it says that IRQ 12 (interrupt 74h) is called by the mouse

hardware after each movement, button press, etc... I wrote a ISR to intercept IRQ 12, whipped-up some code to

modify the vector table, and it was never called by the mouse. Am I forgetting something? Is there a bit-flag in

some port that I need to modify?



  • I assume when you say Mouse Driver you mean a library

    that provides mouse support to a program, not the actual driver

    between the hardware ports and the Mouse interface.

    The interrupt that provides Mouse services to DOS programs

    is INT 33h. You can call several different functions from it

    to inquire as status of the mouse, etc. You can find a prelim

    unit in Pascal/ASM at my page using the URL below.

    If you are trying to make a mouse driver to replace MOUSE.SYS,

    which provides the INT 33h functionality, you'll want to take

    a look at the System section under Control Panel, and the mouse

    device driver. That should tell you what ports and IRQs are used

    by it.

    Matthew Gross

    [email protected]


  • I know this is no real help to you, but I am also looking for information on writing my own ISR for the mouse. So if you do find anything about mouse drivers, can you please post something back onto this thread. Likewise, if I find out how to write one, I'll post back.

    thanks - lankyjas [email protected]

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