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Dom Corporation is a company which has existed for about three years now, and in this time we have been developing a game, however, a year or so back we lost contact with our programming team manager and in turn our programming team leaving only one programmer with us, so, as of now we are looking for one or more programmers who are willing to give their time to work on a 3rd person gaming engine for us. As our budget for the game is nil (or as close as not to matter) all payment will be via contracted percentages of profits. In other words, you make a percentage of the final game profits. I would like to stress that this is a fairly big project and, in perspective, will be quite difficult and any programmers methods will be challenged, however we do not expect any full time commitment, if we can get a team then you can work on it in your spare time. We are currently looking to make a team of at least one director, and 5 more programmers. The director will be in charge of delving out operations to each member of the team. If anyone is interested please e-mail me on my personal e-mail at [email protected] By becoming a member of the Dom team you will be noted for future releases from Dom of which many are planned :)



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