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I can't make good bitmap images. Is there a program that any of you suggest that is really good at making very nice and professional looking graphics for under $100? Thanks!



  • Less than $100 bucks, eh? Well, the best programs cost many times that, but there are some decent shareware paint programs out there. Paint Shop Pro is probably the best, although you can only legally use it for 30 days (version 5.0 is about $500 to register! Older versions are much less, I believe, and have most of the same features). You can also try LView Pro. There are many other shareware/freeware programs out there that may have very specific uses, but they can make you look like a good artist. Check or other shareware sites and see what you can find.


  • Picture Publisher 8 is about $120. It's really good.

    Also, Ray Dream 3D is a good 3-D program for $100. I use it to create my ships, then take "shapshots" of them at different angles and paste into a 2-D program like Picture Publisher. Requires some manual pixel cleanup on your part, though.

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