Graphics library

hey, can anybody tell me where i can get a *free*

graphics library providing basic functions (pixels,lines)

in c/c++ for dos?? i would also like to be able to set

a 320x240 mode.


  • Well, you have many choices for this. You can start from a simple freeware graphics libraries and advanced 3-D SDKs. Anyway, this stuff is very simple (points,lines) that requires a very little coding. But if you want to move on something more serious, I would recommend you the MegaGraph Graphics Library (MGL). It's a freeware very powerful graphics library both for DOS and Windows, supports all the resolutions and color depths available, bitmaps, geometry, and some 3-D. Best of all, that all the source code is available, and it worth to look in it...You can download it from

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