3d Programming Assistance Needed, Please.

Ok, let me start off by saying I am very interested in creating 3d programs. The first game I plan working on is going to be very strange indeed. This game is intended to be SOLELY C++. What I was wondering is:
1.)How can I run Collision Detection?

2.)Are their any open source soccer games? I wonder this because the game I am going to create a game that is based somewhat on the physics of a soccer game. Pretty much the only difference is that I intend their to be 0 gravity.

3.)How could I set hot-keys for forward, reverse, left, right, ascend, descend, changing views (from 1st person, 3rd person chase, and 3rd Person 3/4 isometric view)? It would also be great if they could 'move' their camera angle to aim up shots. The reason I ask for the ascend and descend is that the players will be able to control their height.

4.)What steps do I need to go through to copyright a product(I am not copyrighting any of my early products, though I will copyright later ones)?

To sum it up, if anybody could point me to a spectacular programming site that helps in programming in all the following fields: First Person Shooter's, RPG's, and Sports Games.

Thanks in advance.


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