i would like to ask anybody who know how a visual basic 6 program can scan the title or meta tags in a homepage...or the content (body) of a homepage....please help me...


  • Can you please clarify a bit abt. the context, the background, and the specific meaning of "scan" ??

    If you meant how a program can read an .html file off the internet and scan its HTML tags,etc. to display it in correctly formatted manner (working like a Browser), then it can be very easily done in Visual Basic - the easiest way is to use the Internet Explorer ActiveX control, which allows you to use the IE engine to do that formatting,etc. and displaying. You'll need the WinSock control in addition to connect to the Internet site and download the .html page.

    If you meant how a program can read an .html file off your hard drive and the process it to display some information, then it can be done via File Reading functions of Visual Basic - see for more details.

    If your question doesn't fall in the above, please post more information, and we'll try to help out.


  • thanks..actually i'm try to develope a program that functional with browser such as ie and netscape..this program can block a website that contain negative material ..i would like to know how to get the contain of a website and match it with a database.if it match , the homepage can't been seen(by making a warning homepage appear). the problem is i don't know how to get the contain or at least the title or meta tags of the homepage....please help...

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