Arbitrary colors in style-code



  • : : Hmmm... as long as you were going to pass [italic]part[/italic] of the text to a native app, you might as well just pass all of it. Something like "StyleCodeToHTML(buffer)". If I wrote such a thing, would you be willing to try it out?
    : :
    : Sure, I always appreciate all kinds of contributions and you will of course get full credits for that on the site.
    : I would require to get access to the sourcecode to make sure its not a trojan horse or something :-) I don't want to run strange COM objects that I don't trust, I hope you understand that.

    I understand completely.

    : But I think before you do anything that we have to lookaround for existing solutions. PErhaps there are some Perl/PHP stuff that can be converted? There's no point in inventing the wheel again.

    Sure. Of course, a Perl implementation would be no better than invoking VIM, right? Anyway, I'll look around.


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