TCP/IP Programming

I am a newbie, trying to program the TCP/IP protocol stack to complete a project for college. I would be grateful if somebody would tell me where to start from. I got some source code.. for the wattcp implementation. But can't make head or tail of it. So any helpful pointers would be greatly appreciated!
Any suggestions on books to go through and online references would also be helpful. We are currently trying to work on both the Windows and Linux platforms..


  • What exactly are you looking for in TCP/IP programming? Any specifics would help us to point better links to you.

    1. Look in Programmers Heaven main page links and Windows TCP/IP programming with Visual Basic or Visual C++ (whatever is your choice) - it has some very good links.

    2. Look at

    3. Look at for reference on WinSock,etc. - Application Layer fundamentals.

    Any specific information you are looking for, ask.


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