Equivalent of Trim( ) function

i would like to know if there is any equivalent of alltrim() function to get the length of a inputbox/textbox excluding the blank/white spaces in the start and end of the textbox.
i get the length of string entered using len() and for loop.
but is there any such function i can use?thanks


  • hi,
    Javascript has no direct function for Trimming the string. but you can function for
    trim. below is an example for trimming leading and trailing spaces of a string.

    *source from MSDN

    function trim_string() {
    var ichar, icount;
    var strValue = this;
    ichar = strValue.length - 1;
    icount = -1;
    while (strValue.charAt(ichar)==' ' && ichar > icount)
    if (ichar!=(strValue.length-1))
    strValue = strValue.slice(0,ichar+1);
    ichar = 0;
    icount = strValue.length - 1;
    while (strValue.charAt(ichar)==' ' && ichar < icount)
    if (ichar!=0)
    strValue = strValue.slice(ichar,strValue.length);
    return strValue;

    var st,st1
    st = " Hello good morning "
    st1 = st.trim_string() //returns the value 'hello good Morning'

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