Possible Windows BUG found, need help!

Hello, world!

I got a VERY STRANGE PROBLEM, possibly it's another WINDOWS BUG. Here it is.
I wrote a DOS program which automatically renames the files using a constant
pattern and an incrementing index number, e.g. FILE0000.EXT, FILE0001.EXT and
so on. File searching is done thru findfirst()..findnext() cycle.

Under DOS all's OK, but under Win9x/2000 my program tries to rename files
which were ALREADY RENAMED! I found a rather stupid solution to prevent this
(remember 1st renamed file name, then if it found again, skip it), but it
doesn't work for Win32 version. I suppose that Windows disk caching isn't
a cause (I've tried a buffer flush between renames), but I'm not sure.

Well, I don't know is it Windows or my own bug :-), but couldn't you help
me, if you know why this happens?

Mike Saharov, saharovm@mtu-net.ru


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