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  • : I read through all messages and I still think that it is impossible to recognize pupils from kind of expressions and anyway they can say the problem on their own words and then there is really no difference.

    I think it's usually easy to recognize "do my homework" request.

    There's the people that just ask, "Here's my homework... send source to [email protected]"

    Then there's the whole class of idiots that copy and paste directly from the problem description given to them by their teacher. For instance, any post that starts out "Write a program that...".

    Then their are people that write "Can u show me how to rite these codes...", followed by a problem description with vastly superior grammar and spelling. Or they'll ask a question in such a way that it's clear they could not have even formulated the question themselves, because they doesn't understand the terms in it.

    Then there are request for source code that does something only a student would need help with, or that are typical programming assignments, or that would never be part of a real project, like "Where can I find source for a bubble sort?"

    Then there are request for code that uses a particular language construct, like "I need source for XYZ, it must use a for loop", or "it must be under 100 lines of code".

    One thing they all have in common is the poster does not show any of his own code.

    I'm sure it's possible to post a homework request in such a way that it's not obvious, but if you're clever enough to do that, your also clever enough to do your own homework. ;)

    I think trying to delete homework questions is the wrong approach. The supply of incoming homework questions is infinite, it will never stop, no matter how many you delete. However, the supply of people who will [italic]do[/italic] someone else's homework is much more limited. So, I suggest that if you catch someone doing someone else's homework, in a situation that is unmistakable, you ban that user. Eventually, all homework request will simply be ignored, or met with the correct reply, "we don't do homework here, please post some code, or ask a more specific question".


  • Let me know what things you want to have added to the posting rules and I will add them! Its that simple!


  • Anyway, I think this is the most useful messageboard i've ever seen. In my opinion, not many people use this messageboard for their cheating. I've learnt a lot from the posts in this messageboard.

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