FRUSTRATING Direct 3D and Win2000 Problem

I recently got rid of my Win98 and Installed Win2000 Professional. For some reason when I try to run a 3D game it cannot create a Direct 3D object and keeps telling me I dont have the hardware, even though I have 2 video cards, (the Diamond Ultra 770 & the Geforce 2 64MB) BOTH of these cards are supported under Win2K (I have the drivers) Something is wacky somewhere, No Direct 3D will work... Any ideas?



  • I have win2000 and have both OpenGL and DirectX SDK working fine on it. Make sure that you have downloaded the newest DirectX drivers (8.0) and DirectX SDK, FOR Win2000. They can be found free of charge at (thats where i got mine when i got directX errors). I think its found in the download section for developers.
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