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Help! How to convert a word document into "tiff' format


I need some help in converting a word document into "tiff" format. Is there some way in which I can do this in windows? Or is there some conversion software which I can purchase or download from the net? Need to know fast. Have a project to meet.




  • TIF is an image format.

    DOC is a text file format.

    I assume you know this and simply want to have an image

    of your document as it appears in Word. To do that, you'll


    MS Word - Comes with Office

    Paintshop - Comes with Win95

    Some graphics util - That can read both BMP and TIF.

    Personally, I suggest Neopaint:

    It's free.

    Anyway, how to do it: Open up the document in word. Open Paintshop

    with a blank pic at the same time. Switch to Word, get a much of the

    document as possible in view, press the PrintScreen key on the keyboard.

    This saves the doc to the clipboard. Then go into Paint, go to edit,

    and select paste. This will put the screen capture into Paint. Save this

    capture as a BMP file.

    Go into the other image program, open the BMP file, trim off the Word

    menues and such you don't want, and save as a TIF file. Repeat this

    process for every page, add on to the original image.

    Matthew Gross

    [email protected]


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