perl/cgi, php programmer available


I am experienced perl/php/mysql programmer. I have over 10 years experience
in programming industry. I regulary search new projects need to be done.
I am full time independent programmer and search for new projects.

* Project development

I do not belive that programming/coding is an art. But code require to be
well understanding, clear, smart , expandable. Most project is not dead
just after it developed , so it may need to be modified later . I belive
my best side is well written code that allow to grow site in future.
I have strong experience with very large projects and know very well
problems that may appear. Another my good side is that I can work with
large projects. Where others can do nothing I can well understand and
carry complex project.

I have experience in everything kind of solutions need to do range types
of sites : Search engines , Pay per click , Shops, Directories , Portals etc.
Including paypal , credit card processing etc.

* Technologies

I have experience in OOP, PERL/CGI , mod_perl , PHP , MySQL , Javascript.
Mixing of these technoligies allow to create fast , reliable , functionally
web sites. These technologiest most popular in the world currently , allow
use Windows and various Unix platforms as web servers.
Also I have experience in various SQL servers such MS SQL , Sybase SQL Anywhere,
and more. I am not limited by these technologies, I am solution thinking
person and always try to find solution for my clients.

I do not : ASP, Java serverlets, Java , Basic, and other unpopular things that
isn't crossplatform and specific.

* Maintenance , bug fixing

I offer maintenance , bug fixing , and support. Most time I am online and
using instant messangers I so far as 1 sec from you. It's allow to do your
businness uninterruptable, get consulted , get immediate help.

* Contact

Alexey N. Yakovlev (you may call me just Alex)

pr Gagarina 84/18 ,
Dneepropetrovsk , 49050

ICQ : # 46 14 14 14
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