Transition Woes...

I'm having some troubles transferring my files from server -> server. I have tried that Flash FXP program, but here's my problem. One of the servers only allows HTTP, not FTP, and the other one, the only way to upload is via FTP. The HTTP only server (or s1) did allow uploading, but it was through the use of some java that it was done. The new server I want to copy to (or s2) is very easy to use, and faster. I do know the exact name and location of my files on s1, as far as http://...filename.ext goes, and I already have places laid out for them on s2. I'd like to know how to tell s2 to download the files off of s1, instead of me downloading them off of s1, then uploading to s2.

If more detail is needed, I can provide that.



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