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vga register map

zeropagezeropage Member Posts: 1
Hello outthere,
I am a really beginner in PC-Programming
and when I have learned to programm the C64 in assembler
many years ago, everything was much easier by using
the great book "C64 for insider" with all I/O-Ports
discribed and commented bit for bit ...

so my stupid questions are:
* where do I get a complete map of VGA I/O-Ports from?
* how is it possible to access to full
xga (1024x768 x 24) memory (especially
from protected mode) by memorybanking?
* are there any VGA-Card BIOS-Routines useable after
I have switched to the protected mode?
* what the hell is neccessary to get full VGA control
(pixel access, block transfer,
sprites e.g. at least)
if I want to create a bootable floppy-disk -
system that comes out without any OS-Routines
and runs in the protected mode?
* by the way - the mouse must be controlled be too,
and the sound-card, and all IDE-Devices, ... ,
- but how?

I want to build a tiny OS that provides me with all
basic functions I need for small applications.


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