Developing an Inhouse Application--Help need to startup

Hi Experts,

Well i am not a programmer which is why i would like to take your valuable suggestions. To be precise i am looking to develop an inhouse application which would do the following:
There are some documents which are required by different personnel of different departments e.g. HR, Management, Engineering, Sales etc.
I need to develop an application which would be a kind of UI and allow the people to pull out the documents according to their authentication e.g the people from Management Level may be able to pull the documents from the Management folder and the people from Sales may be able to pull the docuements from the Sales folder.
But there may be some users which should have access to all the documents like the VP, Senior Manager level or other senior levels. I can use some Database also to keep track of the users. I want that to be scalable also but what should be the base plan. What use cases can i take?
I can use IIS/Apache as server.

All the help in this regard will be higly appreciated. any practical examples like this will help me a lot so tha ti can get a headstart.


  • Hi,
    Though i am not an expert but i hope my suggestion wud be of some use.
    You can create Roles for each department and then Create user and assign them these roles. NOt in the Web.Config file you can use and tag inside tag to manage permissions and then you can specify the folders in tag outside tag but inside tag.

    In code behind you can use FormAuthentication class of System.Web.Security namespace.
    Try it out. It shud work for ur case.

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