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error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__InternetAttemptConnec

/**--ERROR IS THIS---**/
LearningWindows1.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol [email protected]
Debug/LearningWindows1.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
Error executing link.exe.

/*----error documentatiOn in msdn A PART OF IT---*/

When compiling with /MD, a reference to "func" in your source becomes
a reference "__imp__func" in the object since all the run-time is
now held within a DLL. If you try to link with the static libraries
LIBC.LIB or LIBCMT.LIB, you will get LNK2001 on __imp__func. If you
try to link with MSVCxx.LIB when compiling without /MD you will not
always get LNK2001, but you will likely have other problems.

/*---documentation end-----*/

i dont see /MD written anywhere when i used setting-c/c++ tab
in project settings.i have included winInet.h file thou.which is
the header for this function.

DWORD DidConnect;
this is causing this problem they say that
InternetAttemptConnect(this thing should be zero so i have kept it Zero);

it returns a dword telling if it was successful in connecting to the internet or not.

Gentlemen apart from this error i would like to know that
i have window 98 and i am learing vc++ thou by i saw the other day
that some gentleman from south korea got the t.v station of his country
under his control through internet programming and he was able to
interferr into the their telecasting.ofcourse he was caught and it happened years ago.with windows 98 and after knowing vc++ would it be
possible to programm things like that and then not get caught :-)

what i mean is that is everthing that we hear about amazing
things people do with internet programming and other software developements
is vc++ having all the api`s for that.and can those be written using windows98.

just i was checking the documentation and came acroos net functoins
but it is written it is meant with windows NT 3.00 and ABOve and
in windows it is unsupported.i assume with windows they mean 95,98 etc etc..
because the header file dsgetdc.h also i could not find for those fuction they were talking that is most Rude of them i say putting things in bundles and not making one
bundle with everything in it.

would you be so kind to tell what is it vc++ can do and what it cannot.
i dont want to use winsock and wininet controls just like that but want the api`s that
make them happen and i want to programm them then.To know the i.p address
of any computer some fellows really get into your system now is that all
possible in it might be time consuming but is that all possible.

then even making software for robots and things.making all those wonderful games
we see please tell me what can be done with vc++ and is their any language
learing which ALL REST CAN BE DONE
weather or not time consuming that is immaterial.

/*Many thanks*/


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