Y2K Issue with menu program

I have an old menu program which I use on an old computer. It has been written with Turbo Basic by Borland, so it says when I view the file.
The problem is the program asks for the date at the opening screen, just like the Ibm Disk organizer does. It only accepts dates between 01-01-1980 and 31-12-1999. My question is, is there a way to edit the program that it will accept new dates, or, to completely remove the date and time asking.
The program is dutch, so date=datum and time=tijd.
You can download the program at [link=http://home.casema.nl/edward09/PROFIMNU.EXE]http://home.casema.nl/edward09/profimnu.exe[/link]
The program will only start if you type: "profimnu hvb" at dos prompt. You must also have a command.com in your c:. It doesn't matter which version of command.com you use.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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